Beautiful Custom House Design in Nantucket, MA

When you need help with custom house design in Nantucket, MA, let Cheney Brothers Building and Renovation take care of you. Our team has the experience to work with you in developing your dream home. We take care of everything your new home needs so that you and your family have the beautiful oceanfront property you have always wanted.

Comprehensive Build Plans

When building a new home, it is essential to have a comprehensive design plan. This ensures that your new home is constructed efficiently, staying under budget and on time. At our company, we understand the complexities that go into building a house and work with you to develop the right build plan for your project.

During the planning process, we will ensure that your project has all the correct permits and work with local architects to finalize your designs. This helps to reduce problems during construction to further ensure that our team stays on budget.

Wonderful Beachfront Living

Imagine waking up every morning to breathtaking ocean views and the sweet smell of the sea air. When you build your dream home on Nantucket Island, this is what you receive. As your trusted general contractor, we work to ensure that you are satisfied with your new home and that you get to enjoy this ocean view every day.

Contact us when you are looking to build your dream home and need a skilled team to take care of it. We proudly serve Nantucket, MA, and the surrounding areas.